A.M. Wordsworth is just a pen name. So, sadly, my blood isn’t tied to the legendary William Wordsworth.

I write fiction in many genres—each of which will keep you engaged and fascinated as though you are watching it happen right before your pretty little eyes.

I want my writing to be fictional, but just real enough that you can see it happening and feel the adrenaline pumping in your veins as you read it. I mean, what’s the fun in reading about dragons if you know you’ll never see one? It’s more fun to think that extraterrestrial life can come to Earth and reform an army of humans into serum-enhanced soldiers to take over the planet! (–Right?)

But don’t get me wrong, dragons and elves are cool too. That’s why we find them on a different planet, with a different set of laws and physics, through an inter-dimensional portal.

To be completely honest, I spend so much time writing fiction, I forget that I’m in my own body sometimes! But when you don’t see me writing, you’ll usually find me reading, researching, investigating, or just trying something new. Like any sensible American, I love pizza; and like any sensible child, veggies. I’m always up for banter with any willing (or unwilling) participants!