The Crowns of the Believers: Set Apart, Surrounded, Shielded

Crowns of the Believers
ISBN: 1500203815

This book not only helps those who desire to know more about the rewards believers receive, but also helps anyone who wants to learn how to dig deep into the Bible to better understand God's Word.

In "The Crowns of the Believers" Gina Burgess walks through some of the incredible spiritual blessings God has provided for all believers. The crowns that are bestowed on us as followers of Jesus Christ are not only representative of the power and authority God has lavished upon us, but they also indicate a change in our identity. Writers in the New Testament discuss them as rewards received in Heaven, but they aren't just heavenly rewards.

Gina studied these spiritual rewards called crowns from Genesis to Revelation, and discovered some incredible things. For instance, there are more than five crowns. She discovered several crowns the Old Testament saints wore, spiritually speaking, while they lived on earth.All believers are even now wearing a few of them. Some of these crowns are: a Crown of Protection, a Crown of Separation, and even a Crown of Pride, or as in some translations, Crown of Insolence among others.

Join Gina in this in depth, but not exhaustive, study. Some findings just may surprise you.

Reviews:Florida beach reader on Amazon wrote:

This is a book about a subject I'm sure many believers have wondered about - the crowns the scriptures note Christians will receive. The author answers all the questions about the subject and many more. Did you realize a buckler is a small defensive shield, about ten inches to three feet in diameter, generally circular in shape. And while Jesus' story about a Good Samaritan has given the group a good name, Mrs. Burgess notes that Samaritans were often drunk with pride and drunk with wine. (One of the reasons everyone was amazed when a Samaritan actually helped someone) There are many other interesting items in this book. Mrs. Burgess also has a excellent writing style and makes even a complicated subject easy to understand. This is an excellent book for your library.